Seagrapes Studio is a one person art studio featuring handmade pottery and watercolor paintings created by me, Andrea Dee, in Central Illinois.  I enjoy making wheel thrown pottery and painting in watercolors.

Most of my work is functional pottery which can be used in the kitchen on a daily basis.  Pottery is a time consuming process with many steps involved.  After the piece is thrown on the wheel, it needs to air dry before it is loaded into the kiln for the bisque firing.  The bisque firing removes the remaining water in the clay and prepares the piece for glazing.  The piece is then glazed and fired in the kiln a second time to over 2100 degrees.

My pottery is food, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe unless stated otherwise.  Each piece is unique, made with stoneware clay, either thrown on the pottery wheel or handbuilt, and fired in an electric kiln.

I use lead-free, non-toxic glazes, specifically formulated for safe and enduring functional use. 

My leaf imprint pieces are made by a special process using real leaves, which burn out in the firing, leaving the leaf imprint in the clay.  Some of the imprints are finished in an oxide wash and left unglazed to highlight the veins in the leaves.

All pottery listings are in stock and ready to ship.

My watercolors are created using professional watercolor paints and papers.  I enjoy painting flowers, landscapes and still life.  I sell originals and high quality giclee prints.  Paintings and prints are sold unmatted and unframed unless stated otherwise.

 I can be contacted at seagrapesstudio@gmail.com.

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